The World Health Organization advises against E-cigarettes

Totally Wicked Responds to the European Parliament Decision to Regulate Electronic Cigarettes that Will Cost Lives

Furthermore, scientific testing indicates that the products vary widely in the amount of nicotine and other chemicals they deliver and there is no way for consumers to find out what is actually delivered by the product they have purchased, the WHO states. They point to the presence of large concentrations of propylene glycol in e-cigarettes, saying that the chemicalis a known irritant when inhaled. In the statement, the WHO also mentions the risk of nicotine poisoning, particularly to certian populations like children if they were toswallow the contents of a nicotine cartridge. The second question posed by the WHO is Is use of electronic cigarettes (ENDS) an effective method for quitting tobacco smoking? Again, the global health body answers by saying this has not been scientifically demonstrated. ENDS are often touted as tobacco replacements, smoking alternatives or smoking cessation aids. But we know that for smoking cessation products to be most effectively and safely used, they need to be used according to instructions developed for each product through scientific testing.
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Two brands of e-cigs with the corresponding spare battery.  Equazcion at the wikipedia project

E-cigarettes can only be considered medicinal if they directly treat a disease. E-cigarettes do not do this; they simply deliver clean nicotine without the tar, carbon monoxide, and volatile hot gases of cigarettes. For people who switch from cigarettes, they hugely reduce risk, while satisfying the need for nicotine and some of the behavioural aspects of smoking. Far from helping those smokers who want to switch, medicines regulation will add costs, impose burdens, apply restrictions, and hold back innovation. It may result in many smaller and more innovative producers of electronic cigarettes going out of business.
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